Articles written by ZADP trainees have featured in a number of journals. Here are a small selection, which can be accessed using the following links:

Peer reviewed publications:





Non-peer reviewed publications, presentations, and conference abstract publications:




  • Muzumara S, Kabwe J, Bowen L. Pre-operative starvation of paediatric patients in Zambia: a reader. (Poster presentation at the AAGBI Winter Scientific Meeting, London January 2016)



  • Clunies-Ross N, Kabwe J, Kinnear J. Anaesthetic training in underdeveloped countries: what is the role of junior trainees? Anaesthesia News Nov 2014; 328: 16-17.
  • Bould D, McCarty A, Kinnear J, Pigford A, Boet S, Clarkin C, Ismailova F, Measures E. Global health postgraduate trainee experiences in anesthesia. (Poster presentation at Canadian Anesthesiology Society annual scientific meeting, Newfoundland June 2014)
  • Bowen L, O’Donohoe L, Lillie E. Anaesthesia in Developing Countries Module: A Trainee’s Perspective. (Poster presentation at College Tutor Meeting, Glasgow June 2014 – see poster below)
  • Bowen L, Kabwe J. Preoperative starvation times in Zambian Paediatric Patients. Anaesthesia 2014.69 (s3): 65 (Poster presentation at 41st APA Annual Scientific Meeting, Leeds May 2014)
  •  McCue C, Bowen L, Brosnan S, Kinnear J. Implementing a ventilator associated pneumonia prevention bundle in intensive care at university teaching hospital, Zambia. Anaesthesia 2014. 69 (s3): 97 (Poster presentation at 41st APA Annual Scientific Meeting, Leeds May 2014)
  • Bould D, Clarkin C, McCarthy A, Pigford A, Ismailova F, Measures E, Kinnear J, Boet S. Faculty experiences of a north-south partnership for postgraduate anesthesia training in Zambia. (Oral presentation at 2014 Canadian Conference on Medical Education – “Transforming Healthcare through Excellence in Assessment and Evaluation”, Ottawa/CCME April 2014)

Poster presentations:

EWS poster

Presented at AAGBI WSM 2018


Presented at ZUHWA Conference 2016


Presented at ZUHWA Conference 2016


Presented at ZUHWA Conference 2016

Improving blood transfusion safety in a low resource setting: an audit of 1163 transfusion requests

Presented at ISICEM Conference 2015


Presented at RCoA College Tutor’s Meeting 2014


Presented at AAGBI GAT Conference 2014