Mission statement:
To develop anaesthesia in Zambia by collaborating with local anaesthetists through training, improvement in safety, quality of care and research.

The ZADP evolved from an initial plan to support a new anaesthesia training programme in Zambia, with visiting trainees providing the longer term continuity that was missing from short-term support. The primary goal of the project was to improve patient safety and care by delivering teaching, and by developing management, leadership and governance structures. An important reciprocal goal was to provide a unique training experience for a UK trainee in a resource-poor environment, including exposure to clinical and non-clinical challenges. This model adds a useful dimension to the educational support provided, and also embodies the principle of co-development.

In 2017, experienced volunteers within the ZADP organisation joined with some of the early graduates of the anaesthesia training programme in Zambia, to establish the charity the “Global Anaesthesia Development Project” (GADP) with the aim of providing an umbrella organisation to support the work of ZADP, and in the future to use the experience of the board of trustees to establish similar programmes in other low- and middle-income countries.